On here, I am known as Janus.

My calling is that of the Masonic Art, a silent torchbearer illuminating the path for those who yearn to explore the mysteries of Freemasonry. If you find yourself drawn towards this ancient fraternity, I am here to demystify the cryptic symbols, and I am here to assist you and provide guidance.

You stand on the unknown threshold, contemplating whether Freemasonry is the course you wish to chart. To navigate this realm is no simple feat, but for the earnest, it is a journey of great reward.

Freemasonry, an institution woven into the fabric of history, has claimed my loyalty. I take pride in my alliance with it and endeavour to impart the same profound experience to you. Should you seek to converse, seek the icon of dialogue, where we may exchange words of substance.

I beseech you to express your thoughts in the tongue of Shakespeare. Speak in English, and we shall converse as equals on this journey.